Benefit from physical outdoor sports.

A space with many trees can help urban citizens feel happier. From that gives us a clear view of the benefits of physical activity outdoors.

Results are given after surveying more than 10,000 people in Britain. Review on all aspects: physical health, employment and income, this result confirms the important role of air for happiness index of people.

Improve attention and focus

Research from the University of Illinois at Urbana – Champaign (USA) have found that children with attention deficit syndrome and hyperactivity (ADHD) can concentrate better with a 20-minute walk in the park  instead of going on the streets. “What this study says is the impact of the physical environment factors for human health. The clear of the park, plus natural green of improved attention, a co-author of the study said.

mproving practice performance

According to physical activity guidelines from the United States, adults should take about 2.5 hours per week to concentrate physical training. However, a survey in 2011 showed outdoor space can enhanceexercise performance. And even more important is the psychological impact on the participants’ intention to continue to participate in exercises on the following day, that they no longer feel afraid and machinery as to the training room. Continue reading “Benefit from physical outdoor sports.” »

Find the top rated trampoline for kids

Bazoongi Kids 7.5 ft Trampoline

The 7.5 ft Trampoline by Bazoongi Kids is great for those who want to allocate a smaller place for the trampoline.  The model is easy to assemble and coming with patented enclosure design for kids` safety. With 2 people required to assemble this great trampoline  and you need about 2-2.5 hours to assembly it. You have an option to purchase a unique trampoline tent accessory to make the tramp a perfect addition to your backyard activity equipment.

Enclosure comes with zipper door openings on two sides what makes the trampoline usage even safer (come in from one side and come out from another) and more convenient for multi user usage.


Important: read the manual and watch the DVD before starting the assemble process.

As a proud mom I can say that it’s great addition to backyard kids` adventures. Kids love jump and have a lot of fun enjoying this great trampoline with their friends.

Even after year of constant usage,best rated trampolines looks great and like new. Top rated trampolines has high quality and can serve whole the family for a long time. Continue reading “Find the top rated trampoline for kids” »

The benefits of participation in the outdoor sports

Children easily  absorb vitamin D
In addition, taking exercises and participating in outdoor active games regularly with appropriate time will help  the body synthesize vitamin D (Vitamin D is synthesized in the skin of the lower 7- Dehydrocholesteron effects of UV radiation in sunlight into cholecalciferol (vitamin D3) which is already contribute to help bones grow. At ages when the children are growing, it  helps bones absorb calcium, helping to create cells builds bone bones denser, firmer, more supple and until 30 years or older, the osteoporosis negligible. Children will grow up to the height, the weight, the solidity of bodybuilding.

Easy to integrate,  and adapt more
The children’s outdoor activities are not necessarily  sports activities.  You can encourage your children to participate in volunteer activities,  in camping or dancing. It will be good when they joined the operation with the other active kids. Children will be exposed to new friends, children will be flexible, is less likely to suffer from depression, anxiety, language development, so children will enjoy more integrated. Continue reading “The benefits of participation in the outdoor sports” »

Tour package to Vietnam 15 days

Having a grand vacation and a tour outside the country is one of the luxurious gifts you can give to yourself, to your family, friends and loved ones. Why would you spend for such long trips anyway, while you can stay at home, go out with friends, roam around the shopping malls or simply watch television shows or get busy with your gadgets? But those are already the common and very usual things that you do and you can sometimes find it boring already. You also need to make some changes to your lifestyle by treating yourself a vacation package.

There are so many places to visit around the world, and if you can manage to go out of the country, spend a vacation and relax, then why not? You do not always need to worry about spending because of the different experience that you will have during your vacation. You can always find money, but the moments that you will have to spend with your family, friends and loved ones are priceless. So you have to think about relaxation sometimes, because it is not only for yourself, but also for the people you care about.

One of the best places to visit when it comes to long vacations and holiday trips, especially during summer season is Asian countries because of the beautiful beaches, rivers, lakes, falls and other natural beauties. If you are going to look at the countries in Asia, you can find Southeast Asia as one of the most visited spots. Among these countries are Thailand, the Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Cambodia and Laos. You may go to any of those countries, but you have to try what Vietnam has for you.

You can find Viet Fun Travel for 15 days and that is good enough for a treat that you can give to yourself and to your family. Moving around the beautiful country of Vietnam is not even enough for 15 days for you to explore more, if possible you can later on tell that you would love to stay in Vietnam.

From Saigon, you can go to PhuQuoc and visit the Su MuonPagoda, you may go trekking and swimming in the crystal-clear water, boat riding and visit the largest port for fishing to have a taste of different fresh sea foods. You may also experience kayaking, snorkeling, shopping at the Duong Dong market and visit the DinhCau Temple.

On your fifth day, you have to be in Ho Chi Minh City to have a city tour. You can visit the War Crime Museum, ThienHau Temple and the China Town to have some shopping at the BinhTay market. Then in the afternoon, spend some time in the Reunification Hall, visit the Notre Dame Cathedral, the Post Office and the City Hall.

On the next day from My Tho, you can explore the Mekong Delta, go to the Unicorn Island with a boat and enjoy the scenery and go to the famous bee farm to have a taste of the natural honey tea. The following day, you can go to the Cai Rang Floating Market and enjoy boat riding as Can Tho City welcome you on board. The eight day, can be a tour of the Cu Chi Tunnels. Continue reading “Tour package to Vietnam 15 days” »

Trampolining is a fun sport activity

If you’re looking for a new way to add some fun to your backyard activities the upcoming season, have you considered purchasing a trampoline? trampolines  are not only fun, but also great workout for you and your kids. And of course, this activity get family members out of the house, away from the tv screen, computer and games  to the fresh air!

A few things you will need to bear in mind before choosing a trampoline. They are available in various sizes and forms to satisfy your bouncing needs, but you really need to buy a trampoline that is in proportion with the available back yard space . Also keep in mind choosing the trampoline not only based on its size, but also safety reasons. Once you have this information, you can start looking for a trampoline that matches your lifestyle and maybe even for some additional accessories to further enhance the fun .

Choosing a best trampolines isn’t easy as there are many websites available that offer tons of information about trampoline reviews. You can find answers to any questions you might have regarding styles of trampolines, parts, safety concerns and even health benefits. Using our guide, you can purchase the complete set online and have it shipped directly to your door!


One good source of information is Amazon. They have lots of trampolines and accessories and sometimes offer free shipping. Were you aware that you can pick different colors for your trampoline’s mat?  Amazon lets you select from few different colored materials. Additionally they offer a UV protection, heavy-duty webbing that is sewn onto the perimeter of the mat and increases the life of stitching. That’s great for saving time and money in consideration of not having to buy replacement parts as often. Amazon sometimes has the lowest  trampoline prices  to suit every budget. Additionally they free return policy what makes the decision quite easy. Their website is very informative with lots to see and you can visit them online

Following some research and checking out all of the alternatives, for those who have decided to buy a trampoline, you and your family members can have a great time bouncing your way to fun in a healthy and safe way!
Trampolining is a fun sport activity, while offering a good workout for the whole family. Once you build up the love for the trampoline in the minds of the family, they will get out of the house and break the non-active habits of watching TV, sitting on computer and gaming. So if you have been looking for purchasing a trampoline, here are some useful ideas to help you in buying the right one. Continue reading “Trampolining is a fun sport activity” »


Opening Day for the Orioles was certainly fun. A win against a division rival. Adam Jones hitting rockets all over the park (he could have easily gone 4-5 or even 5-5 on the day). Chris Davis not only hitting a home run, but working back from an 0-2 count against a lefty (David Price, who’s an OK pitcher I guess) to draw a walk. Matt Wieters homering (and doubling), while also giving Price fits in a 13 pitch plate appearances that resulted in another walk. Just seeing Nolan Reimold and Brian Roberts healthy and on the field (both had a pair of hits).


Earl Weaver-ball beating small ball was pretty sweet too, as the Rays played for the go-ahead run in the bottom of the 6th with the sac bunt (they went up 3-2) before the O’s put a five-spot on the board in the next frame, punctuated by Davis’ three-run bomb (after an intentional walk to Wieters, no less). Continue reading “JASON HAMMEL’S COMMAND OFF IN O’S OPENING DAY WIN” »


Yesterday the Orioles held an event at Camden Yards with Bloomberg Sports to show off the Bloomberg Baseball Data Tool they’ve started using (you know, the one that makes those graphics we see on the broadcast showing that Brian Matusz throws 55% fastballs, 15% change-ups, etc.). I unfortunately forgot my notepad, so the recap is all from memory.
Dan Duquette* spoke briefly at the beginning, talking about the O’s using all the data available to improve the club (for example, with Buck Showalter employing the infield shift this year) and mentioning that part of the reason the O’s pulled their advanced scouts (who traditionally go to scout the clubs the team is about to play) is that the Bloomberg Tool provides them all kinds of data on those clubs (much of it things the scout wouldn’t even pick up).

the Orioles
* It was the first time I’ve seen Duquette in person and, though this sounds stupid, it seemed like he was an actor playing ‘Orioles General Manager Dan Duquette’. Maybe it’s the voice or the hair?
Next up was the head of Bloomberg Sports (who has also the guy who started SportsVision), whose name I don’t remember. He showed us the publically available Bloomberg Fantasy Baseball tool (which does stuff like suggest trades for you to make based on the strengths and weaknesses of your team as well as the other team) and, much more interestingly, the Pro tool used by Major League clubs (25 of 30, I believe).
Now that was neat. The interface seemed well built and relatively easy to use, though we mostly just looked at PitchFX data; what pitches Adam Jones has seen this year, the fastballs Jones has seen, the pitches he’s seen with 2 outs, the pitches he’s seen from Justin Verlander, etc. Pretty standard PitchFX stuff, but easy to chop up and it looked nice – clicking on a pitch that Jones hit for a home run brought up a video clip of it. There was also some cool looking pitch sequencing graphics. None of it was something that I couldn’t put together myself, but drop-down menus are just a bit easier to navigate than writing code to run against a PitchFX database and their graphics looked a touch better than what Excel would spit out. Those were only a couple tabs out of somewhere between 5 and 100 though, so there are surely more aspects to it. Continue reading “ORIOLES USING BLOOMBERG’S DATA PRESENTATION TOOL” »


Though they may be underdogs, the Baltimore Orioles are certainly capable of winning the World Series this year. Five reasons why:

“1. No. 1 — and, you could certainly argue numbers two through five as well — is the bullpen. The O’s went 73-0 when leading after the seventh inning. As relievers, Tommy Hunter is touching 100 mph and Brian Matusz has struck out 19 batters in 13 innings. Then there’s Troy Patton (2.43 ERA), Pedro Strop (2.44), Darren O’Day (2.28), and Jim Johnson (2.49, 51 saves) to finish things out. While it might not be the best bullpen ever — or even the best bullpen in the league this year — it may have been the most “effective” pen in history, as noted by its record-setting (record-obliterating, really) +14 Win Probability Added. Maybe 16 consecutive extra-inning wins and a 29-9 record in one-run games (the best since the 1800s) is partially a fluke, but having a quality bullpen certainly doesn’t hurt in keeping that going.

the Orioles 1

2. Buck Showalter. Aside from bullpen management that’s been so effective, Buck seems to just make all the right moves, putting guys in positions to succeed and making in-game decisions that seem to work even when they probably shouldn’t. Sac bunt? You get the run you need. Hit and run? Batted ball goes right to where the second baseman was. Bring in Chris Davis to pitch? Two shutout innings, a pair of strikeouts (including Adrian Gonzalez!), and a win. Judging managers is tricky, but it would be mighty hard to argue that Buck isn’t a net plus. Continue reading “THE ORIOLES CAN WIN THE WORLD SERIES” »